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Shock mode is the number of days during which you reached the goal of the day.

Goal of the day is the number of tests that must be completed per day for the day to be considered completed in shock mode . You can change the goal of the day in the settings of any exercise.
Learning progress is saved in the device memory

The key to understanding Chinese is a confident knowledge of the translation of 90% of the most frequently used words.

LinguoKey will help you quickly learn the translation of 7000 of the most important Chinese words and phrases.

The training uses a guaranteed learning methodology based on cycles of passing tests, ending with a reliable fixation of the translation of a word in long-term memory.

The cycles are based on repeated passing of tests with a return to the words passed with an error until such words are passed the first time without errors.

After passing all the words without errors, a knowledge test is performed, the results of which are transferred to the learning mode and all the words passed with an error are passed over again.

When, as a result of the knowledge test at Level 2, all words are passed without errors, such words can be considered conditionally learned, and after half a year, if you successfully pass the monthly knowledge test, the words will be guaranteed to be learned and securely fixed in long-term memory.

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Transfer progress between devices via progress file

The progress of the exercises is stored in the browser's memory. To transfer progress from one device to another, you need to upload the progress as a file by clicking on the "Upload progress" button, then the resulting file must be copied to another device and downloaded through the form "Download progress from file on device".
Upload progress to a file on the device
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Moving progress through Dropbox

Dropbox is dropbox Inc.'s file hosting service that includes personal cloud storage. To make it easier to transfer progress, you can use Dropbox. This method eliminates the need to save and transfer files between devices. Not all browsers support dropbox saver and chooser functions, if your browser does not support these functions, then the buttons for saving and downloading progress through Dropbox will not be displayed on the screen.
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Reset the app

Testing of the application occurs in the course of its use. Therefore, there is a possibility of unstable operation of the exercises after making updates. If the exercises do not start or do not work correctly, you can use the "Reset Application" button to correct the situation. This reset will clear the entire browser cache associated with the application, which will start the application from scratch, taking into account the latest updates.

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Individual exercise settings

Each exercise included in the application has its own individual settings, which are found in the corresponding tab within the exercises.